Humid, All to Humid: On the Metereology of Morals

Image by Imp Kerr

A cynical analysis of American political ideology post-Katrina, published in The New Inquiry’s January issue Vol 12: The Weather. Written with Cosmo Bjorkenheim.

How do we proceed now that we are at the mercy of this unbeatable foe? Are we to take hippie pseudo-scientists and Greenpeace activists as our new cultural prophets? Why, after all, should we sneer at the forward-thinking strategies of green energy, carbon offsets, and the reduction of individual footprints, when we old radicals have no better solution for the undeniable impending blow of Gaia’s hammer? Maybe a better question to ask ourselves is not how much disaster we should endure, but how these disasters have been folded into myths that justify the obedience of humanity.


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