Review: Brief by Alexandra Chasin


Originally published by HTMLGiant:

Just as capitalism produces its own gravediggers, art produces its own vandals, and, judging from the case of Chasin’s app/eBook novella, literature is on some similarly suicidal track. But if Inqui were more Situationist than Shifrazi, they would beg for less mercy and more malice. The most exciting parts of Brief are when Inqui shuts up about which T.V. dinner they were served when the Tet Offensive kicked off and instead delves into the mind of fellow art vandals. Homeless Parisian Hugo Unzaga Villegas threw a stone at the Mona Lisa because he was cold and had nowhere to go. Valentine Contrel, an unemployed woman, slashed Ingres’s Sistine Chapel in the Louvre because she preferred prison to work. Freud fired a servant for cleaning the canvas of a painting in his collection with a dirty rag. “Unspoken hostility towards artistic items prevails amongst the servant classes, particularly when the objects, whose value they do not understand, give them extra work to do,” he said.


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