I WANT TO BELIEVE available now

I Want to Believe

‘Under the grim pressures of 20th century history, and now climate change, Gittlitz shows how explosions of black political humour also contain utopian hopes very necessary to keep alive. As an advocate of Partially Automated Adequate Socialism I can only agree, and applaud this fine addition to leftist history’
– Kim Stanley Robinson

Recent press round-up:
Review by Erica X Eisen for the Baffler
Interview with David Broder for Jacobin
Youtube interview with Owen Hatherly of the Tribue for #RadicalMay
Review in Morning Star Online
Review by Morgan Jones for the Social Review
Review by Ian Parker for Socialist Resistance 
Review by Erik Davis for his Burning Shore newsletter
Interview with Means Morning News
Interview with Zer0 Books
Review by Socialist Party of Great Britain
Review by Arts in America
Preview in El Pais by Manuel Roriguez Rivero [esp]
Review by Fabián Chiaramello [esp]
Review from Alejandro Agostinelli’s Factor El Blog [esp]
Review by Beatriz Garcia for El Dia News
WRadio Colombia

Podcast appearances:
Rev Left Radio (includes full reading of introduction!)
Pod Damn America with Henry Zabrowski,
Nightmare Tonight,
Psychic Dolphin Garage
Intergalactic Railroad
Death // Sentence
The Social Review Podcast
Parallax Views

Purchasing options:
Europe/US: Direct from Pluto Press, and use code POSADAS20 for 20% discount at checkout
From Queens independent bookshop Topos Books [or mail order]
From Red Emma’s in Baltimore [or mail order]
Or, buy it from a major online retailer and leave a review!

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