The literary proletarian of Leipzig, who fabricates books under the direction of his publisher, is a productive labourer, for his product is from the outset subsumed under capital, and comes into being only for the purpose of increasing that capital. Milton produced his Paradise Lost for the same reason that a silk-worm produces silk. It was an activity of his nature. Later, he sold the product for five pounds.
Theories of Surplus Value]

I’m A.M. Gittlitz and this my personal blog. My writing focuses on counter-culture, radical politics, and punk rock. I am a frequent contributor to The New Inquiry and  Shareable. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Mark Rose

    Mr Gitlitz: I just read your suggestive NYT op-ed on science fiction and socialism. You may be interested in knowing that Yale U.P. Is looking for someone to write a “cultural history” of science fiction. They approached me some time ago — I wrote a pretty good book on sf in the 1980s — but after unsuccessfully trying to think through what such a book might be I declined. Your op-ed suggests that you might be able to do better. If you are interested let me know and I’ll pass along the Yale contact. Would this make you a literary proletarian? I don’t think so. In any case, thanks for the op-ed. Best, Mark Rose (mrose@english.ucsb.edu). 7/24/17

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